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Hello everyone

2015-02-20 12:47:35 by MCLV1

So its been a while since my last post but lately i had more time to do some art so here I am back at NG and this time ill try to at least upload something once or twice per month.

Here is one of my latest work Ryuko and Senketsu enjoy it as much as I enjoyed drawing both of them. :)


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2014-05-17 12:50:50 by MCLV1

Its been a long time but lately I started reading more comics, and now im reading Ultimate Spiderman I like the story and I love the art, so thats why Im drawing some of the scenes that i liked, Here is one: Gwen Stacy - Ultimate Comics All-New Spider-Man #23. Ah I forgot to tell you guys Ive got a tablet for drawing so Ill be trying it out, dont forget to comment and make some suggestions.3195271_140034539361_GwenStacyEnd.jpg


2011-01-07 17:42:36 by MCLV1

Dad´n me


Happy Birthday Pipsley!

2010-10-22 22:40:39 by MCLV1

My first art. Check it out!

Happy Birthday Pipsley!